Notice is hereby given that a General Municipal Election, by Mail-in Ballot, will be held on April 7, 2020, between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. for the election of the following offices:

Trustee Positions

Five (5) positions

Two (2) positions for Four (4) years,

Three (3) positions for Two (2) years

Mayor Position

One (1) position for Four (4) years


All persons who are citizens of the United States, at least eighteen (18) years of age and have resided in the Town of Paonia for at least twenty-two (22) days prior to the election, who are registered in the office of the County Clerk or with the Paonia Town Clerk and not serving a sentence of confinement, detention, or parole for a felony conviction.


FOR TRUSTEE (Vote for up to five (5) candidates)

Timothy E. Kelley

Luna Anna Archey

Michelle Pattison

Carolyn Diehl

William (Bill) Bear

Tamie Meck

Mick Johnson

Dave Knutson

Monica Foguth

Karen Budinger

FOR MAYOR (Vote for one (1) candidate)

Mary Bachran

Bill Brunner

I, J. Corinne Ferguson, Town Clerk for the Town of Paonia, Colorado, certify that the above and foregoing is a true and correct list of all nominations filed in my office for the regular Municipal Town Election of said Town of Paonia, Colorado.



January 28, 2020   Last day to circulate/sign nominating petitions

Last day to file nominating petitions with Clerk

February 4, 2020   Last day to withdraw nomination

Last day nominating petitions can be amended

March 17, 2020    Financial report due

April 3, 2020        Financial report due

April 7, 2020        ELECTION DAY

May 8, 2020          Financial report due


The Town of Paonia is a Statutory Town and therefore complies with State Statues’ and the Town of Paonia Municipal Code.


The Town of Paonia’s governing body consists of six elected Trustees and an elected Mayor, collectively the Board of Trustees. The Mayor has the same obligations as each of the Trustees, plus some additional duties as the ceremonial head of the Town and others required by the Town of Paonia’s Municipal Code. At the second meeting, following biennial election, the Board shall appoint one of the Trustees as Mayor Pro Tem who, in the absence of the Mayor (or the Mayor’s inability to act) shall perform the duties of Mayor.  The Board of Trustee offices are non-partisan. Town elections are designed so that the terms of office are staggered.


People choose to serve their cities and towns as elected officials for various reasons.

Regardless of the motive, if you’re contemplating serving your community as a member of the Board of Trustees, you should be prepared for the demands, expectations and rewards that come with the role.  Although the legal requirements for serving require only that you reside in the Town of Paonia, attend the scheduled meetings of the Board and participate in policy making, the Town of Paonia has a proud tradition of active and involved elected officials who largely exceed the minimum requirements.

As an elected official in Paonia, you will have a say in important matters such as how the Town grows, what the street system will be like in the future, where and how development takes place, what Town services will be provided, and how the Town’s annual budget will be allocated. It is a responsibility best met with energy, enthusiasm, and conscientiousness.

The Board of Trustees sets public policy, and sound policy decisions are the result of hard work. For this reason, elected officials are encouraged, but not legally required, to do outside-the-meeting work.  Our dedicated Board of Trustees volunteer their time reviewing meeting materials, educating themselves about the public policy issues, interacting with constituents and other elected officials, educating and informing constituents, attending meetings with other agencies and governments, serving on appointed committees, and acting as liaisons with staff and other agencies.


Recalling the old adage that no good deed goes unpunished, it can sometimes seem like all you ever hear from are aggrieved citizens. Happily (and hopefully just when you need it), you will see the benefits of a Board decision play out for the good of the community or you will occasionally get a much needed thank-you. You will share the dais with others with a deep concern for the Town and its citizens. Sometimes you won’t agree with all of them, but you will be expected to disagree with professionalism and respect. They will be from different backgrounds and have strengths different from yours, but you will have a bond with them because you share a common goal.


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