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Town of Paonia

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Regular Town Board Meeting Agenda

6:30 PMRoll Call

Approval of Agenda


Recognition of Visitors & Guests

Consent Agenda

Mayor’s Report

Staff Reports

Town Administrators Report

Public Works Report

Police Department Report

Town Treasurer Report


Unfinished Business

  1. Personnel Handbook Sections 202 & 209 Amendment – Access to Personnel Files and Medical Information Privacy

New Business

  1. Delta County Sheriff – Back the Badge Sales Tax Presentation
  2. Blue Sage Center for the Arts – Letter of Support
  3. Public Hearing: 401 Vista Drive Home Occupancy
  4. Resolution 2019-07 Retail Liquor Delivery
  5. CDOT – Title 6 Non-Discrimination Plan

Committee Reports

Finance & Personnel

Public Works/Utilities/Facilities

Governmental Affairs/Public Safety

Tree Board

Space to Create


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