Town of Paonia

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Regular Town Board Meeting 6:30 PM

*Agenda item order and procedures may be modified due to State, County, and Local Orders Regarding COVID-19*

Please wear a face covering unless your health may be jeopardized by doing so.

Seating is limited. If there is not an open chair please remain in the hallway until the item you wish to speak on is recognized.

Roll Call

Approval of Agenda


Recognition of Visitors & Guests

  1. Visitors & Guests
  2. Recognition of Former Mayor – Charles Stewart

Executive Session

  1. Executive Session
    For a conference with the Town attorney for the purpose of receiving legal advice on specific legal questions under C.R.S. Section 24-6-402(4)(b); regarding the case of Eric Pace v. Town of Paonia; Town Attorney Professional Services Agreement.

Staff Reports

  1. Administrator’s Report
    Public Works
    Police Report
    Attorney Report – As Needed

Regular Business

  1. Resolution 2020-13 – Appointment of Officers
  2. Skate Park Update
  3. Western Slope Conservation Center – Draft Letter Regarding Resource Management Plan
  4. Intent to Participate in November Coordinated Election
  5. ClearGov – Financial Management Software
  6. Employee Health Insurance Renewal
  7. Ordinance 2020-06 Modification of Fences, Hedges and Walls
  8. Ordinance 2020-TBD  Modification of Municipal Code Regarding Appointment of Officers
  9. Chief of Police Memorandum of Understanding
  10. Town Administrator – Draft Job Description & Procedure for Evaluations

Consent Agenda

  1. Regular Minutes:
    June 9, 2020

June 23, 2020
Special Minutes:
June 4, 2020
Local Liquor License Renewal:
Linda Little – dba 3rd Street Bistro



  1. Treasurer Report
  2. Disbursements

Mayor’s Report

  1. Mayor’s Report

Committee Reports

  1. Finance & Personnel
    Governmental Affairs & Public Safety
    Public Works-Utilities-Facilities
    Space to Create
    Tree Board


  1. Adjournment
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