COVID-19 PROTOCOLS for Building Permits and Inspections

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Paonia COVID-19 Building Dept Policies

Building Department COVID–19 Policy Adjustments / Paonia, Colorado

In response to National, State and Local declarations and/or concerns regarding the Novel
Coronavirus the following guidelines will be adhered to until further notice:
• There will be no inspections (inside or outside) for structures where a person is under self,
or medically ordered quarantine.

• Interior inspections of unoccupied residential and commercial structures can still take place
where quarantines are not in place. Unoccupied: The only people on site will be contractors, owners
or owner’s representatives where the project is under construction and where less than ten people
are on site.

• Interior inspections of occupied residences and occupied commercial structures will be limited
and will only take place where quarantines are NOT in place. Please call (970-275-4937) or email
( to discuss your project-needs and how best to approach the needed

• Exterior inspections can take place for all structures where quarantines are not in place.

• For your protection, and mine, there will be no handshakes or fist-bumps. Social distancing
will be practiced. Respect for your health and mine is a must.

• If you have a permit that might soon expire please just let me know. That is the least of our
worries right now and no-fee extensions are in order. Please make sure that you (the permit holder)
are arranging for all required inspections – we haven’t thrown the process to the wind. Your
cooperation is greatly appreciated.

• Town Hall office visits should be avoided – no unannounced office visits please. It is
possible to meet outside with proper distancing, or even in the Community Room with prior
arrangements and proper distancing. Please don’t hesitate to call or email (970-275-4937 / Thank you – Dan

Building Code & Enforcement


The Town of Paonia does not endorse or recommend any contractor, engineering firm, abatement firm, or other third party private companies.  Occasionally the Town will hire a third-party company to perform services for the Town when Town Staff is unable to perform a service, but the Town makes no recommendations as to who residents should hire to perform a service.  If any person or company claims to be working on behalf of the Town or represents that they are the preferred contractor of the Town please call the Town Office to report or confirm at 970-527-4101.

If you live within the town limits and are planning to do remodeling involving structural changes, repairs, additions, siding, fencing, roofing, concrete, etc., a building permit is required. The Town of Paonia operates under the 2003 International Residential Building Code, of which there is a copy on file at Town Hall and often the Paonia Public Library. Costs of permits are dependent upon costs of both labor and materials. The Building Official may be reached by calling the Town Hall, or is available in person on Tuesday, and Thursday until 1PM. Please contact the Town Hall for further information.

1. Paonia Residential Submittal Documents
2. Paonia Access to CCICC Building Guides
3. Paonia Building Permit Application
4. 4. Paonia Re-roofing Permit Application
5. Paonia Sign Permit Application
6. Paonia Mechanical Permit Application
7. Paonia Floodplain Development Application
8. Paonia Special Review Application
9. Paonia Commercial Submittal Documents
10. Fence Review Application
11. PermitFee_RateSchedule


This chart is for reference only, as a guide. The actual cost of a permit will be calculated by the Town Building Department.  This chart is not an actual representation of all possible costs and fees associated with the permitting process. PermitFee_RateSchedule

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