Solid Waste & Recycling

Trash Pickup Rates

Trash pickup rates are as follows:

  • One (1) 33 gallon can 1 pickup/week $16.00/month
  • Up to three (3) 33 gallon cans 1 pickup/week $19.00/month
  • Up to five (5) 33 gallon cans 1 pickup/week $26.00/month
  • 2 cu yd Dumpster 1 pickup/week $34.00/month
  • 3 cu yd Dumpster 1 pickup/week $36.00/month

Single trash can rate requires a signed agreement. Extra cans are $4.00 per pickup.

Some accounts require pickup more than one time per week. For those accounts, plan on paying the appropriate rate listed above, multiplied by the number of pickups per week. Yard waste is picked up provided it is bundled no more than 18” around or 5 feet in length. Additional items may be picked up at an additional charge.

Tires and electronics such as microwaves and televisions will be picked up for an additional charge of $50.00 per item. Appliances that contain Freon may be picked up only when emptied and properly tagged that the Freon was removed.

Trash Service

Trash is picked up on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday within the town limits. If a trash pickup day falls on a holiday, the trash will be picked up the next pickup day.

All accounts within the town limits are charged for trash pickup. It is highly recommended that you label both your trash cans as well as the lids with your physical address. We recommend using paint pens you can purchase at Dependable Lumber. The Town is not responsible for lost or stolen trash cans. The use of cans larger than 33 gallons is prohibited.

If you live outside the town limits you should contact Robert’s Enterprises @ 527-3602 or Double J Disposal @ 835-8886 to haul your trash or plan to haul it to the North Fork Area Trash Transfer Station @ 835-7999 – 36577 K50 Lane, east of Hotchkiss, CO or the landfill west of Eckert. The transfer station is primarily a convenience for local area residents to dispose of household/yard waste but will also accept smaller quantities of industrial/business wastes.

You may obtain details regarding the landfill at Hours and dates are known to change, call ahead to confirm the landfills hours.


Delta County is working towards a permanent recycling center at the transfer station. You may obtain details regarding the landfill at

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