Mayor of Paonia

Charles Stewart Mayor of Paonia

Welcome to Paonia!

As Mayor of the Town of Paonia it is my distinct pleasure to welcome you to our unique and picturesque Town. Paonia is a wonderful community filled with abundant opportunities for you to enjoy. All citizens of Paonia enjoy the opportunity to present the gift of time and gracious service to our visitors and guests.

The Town’s Downtown is a vibrant place of activity with many fine shops and merchants for you to explore. As you travel around the Town you will discover our beautiful neighborhoods and well-kept parks and recreational areas.

If you choose to reside in Paonia, we have a central location in Downtown for all municipal services at Town Hall, located at 214 Grand Avenue. At Town Hall you can arrange for water services, sanitation, and learn of the many other public services we provide to our residents and businesses. If you are planning to remodel or build a new home, fence or a shed, you will find all the necessary permits and information at Town Hall to complete your project. A wealth of information and resources about the Town and links to other community businesses and organizations can be found at our website

The Town Staff and I will always do our best to serve you providing information, assistance, and support to meet your needs. Let us better serve you by contacting us when questions arise.


Charles Stewart, Mayor

Town of Paonia




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