Click Here for the Grand Avenue Temporary Re-Design Survey.

Paper copies are available at Town Hall and Indigo Autumn.

10/7/2020 @ 12:00 PM

We thank you for your participation in the Grand Avenue Demonstration pop-up.  The street painting certainly prompted more responses than we expected.  We received over 500 survey responses and over 400 individual comments so far.  This will give us plenty of data to work from as the Town proceeds with planning efforts.

Demonstrations like this are used in towns all over the country to allow residents to see possible changes and to have a first-hand visceral reaction.  In just a few days it was quite obvious how embedded the angle parking configuration is in the Paonia culture.  Therefore, the Town has decided for the sake of public safety, we will return the street to its original pattern in the next few days. Crews will be washing out the lane markings and bike lanes. In the meantime, please help ensure our community’s safety by abiding by the painted markings.

A preliminary look at the surveys also indicates that many people would like to see trees on Grand Ave and were open to the idea of small parklets to add some green space to the downtown.  We will leave the green markings on the pavement until October 17th as originally planned.

So what’s next?  The survey link will remain open until October 17th.  Survey data will be analyzed and presented to the Trustees and the public in November or December.  The Town will continue with the final task in the CDOT grant to get some design plans for structures such as benches, tables,  shade structures, bike racks, etc.  that will add to the walkability and ambiance of the downtown by being consistent with the history and heritage of Paonia.  In addition, a wayfinding sign will be made by a local artisan and hopefully be installed at Poulos Park before the end of the year.

Again thank you and more information will follow soon.


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