As the Town begins to address the long overdue situation of improper trees planted near the sidewalks we are excited to announce the Paonia Tree Board website!  The tree board plans to offer assistance with tree health, maintenance, proper planting, and replacement of trees removed from the green space near sidewalks. Make sure to bookmark!

1)    General Pruning and Removal Standards:

In conducting tree pruning or removal operations, all work shall be performed using methods and equipment in such a manner to avoid and prevent damage to other plants (except minor damage to turf), properties, structures or

Tree pruning and removal operations shall comply with all federal, state and local laws and

Notwithstanding an emergency, off-site trees shall not be cut or pruned beyond a property line without prior written approval from the owner(s) of the tree(s), or his/her authorized representative. During an emergency, tree work often needs to be performed as quickly as possible. At such times, because of safety and the urgency of the operation, it may be necessary to deviate from the use of proper pruning techniques as defined in this standard. Following the emergency, corrective pruning should be done as


2)    Tree Inspection Prior to Pruning or Removal:

 Each tree shall be visually inspected before beginning pruning or removal operations.

If a condition is observed requiring attention beyond the original scope of work, the condition should be reported to an immediate supervisor and may be postponed for further inspection.


3)    Notification:

 When a tree removal is necessary the Town will provide written notification of the removal a minimum of thirty (30) days prior to scheduled removal to adjacent property owners.

Written notification shall be provided via certified mail.

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