The town of Paonia needs you. The Personnel Liaison Group – a committee created for employees to file a grievance regarding a supervisor decision – has an open community member seat.  Please provide a letter of interest, including how your experiences can assist in such matters, to Town Hall or via email – by June 1, 2020 at 4:30pm.  Thank you!


The grievance procedure is available to any employee for the resolution of complaints, disputes, or concerns regarding the interpretation or application of Town policies regarding discipline. Any such dispute, complaint, or concern may be raised as a grievance pursuant to the grievance procedure. The availability of the grievance procedure shall in no way limit or restrict the Town’s employment at-will powers.
The grievance procedure is intended to provide a formal process for the resolution of grievances. It is not, however, intended to be a substitute for healthy and appropriate communication between employees and supervisors, nor is it intended that the grievance procedure be used to harass supervisors or interfere with the operations of the Town. Before the grievance procedure is started, employees should attempt to resolve disputes, complaints, and concerns with their immediate supervisors by discussing such matters informally.
The Board of Trustees has instituted a Personnel Liaison Group to resolve grievances such as suspension without pay, harassment, unfair treatment, discrimination, demotion, or separation from employment. This group is composed of three individuals appointed by the Mayor. One member is a Town Trustee (and their alternate), a second member is a Town citizen, and the third member is chosen by employees.

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