Teen Center Roof

July 1, 2019

Bids for remediation of the Ellen Hansen Smith Teen Center Roof project will be received at the Town of Paonia, P. O. Box 460, Paonia, CO 81428 until 4:00 p.m., July 26, 2019, at which time, in said office, bids will be opened and reviewed.  Mailed bids should be addressed to Town of Paonia, Attn: Corinne Ferguson.

The site is located in the Town of Paonia, Colorado, at 700 Fourth Street.  The construction for which bids are being requested generally includes the following major items:

  1. Remove existing roof
  2. Remove bottom 2 courses of plywood to expose the existing truss ends and connections to the top of the
  3. Repairs as necessary to address any possible rotting of the trusses.
  4. Remove top course of Plywood on both sides of the
  5. Install framing as necessary to raise the overall pitch of the roof to at least a 4/12. The Framing to include an additional overhang of the entire perimeter of 2
  6. Install new OSB/wafer-board sheathing with gap on both sides of the ridge to allow for venting.
  7. Install eave metal flashing.
  8. Install new roof system.
  9. Install gutter and downspouts.

Other repairs as outlined and needed following site visit.

Interested bidders can visit the site by contacting the Town to schedule.


BY: Corinne Ferguson, Town Clerk

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