This brochure has been prepared by the Public Works Department to inform residents of the Town’s snow removal policies and procedures. Please read this brochure and keep it handy for reference this winter.


Our goal is to provide snow removal to facilitate traffic flow for the residents of the Town of Paonia and those utilizing Town roads.

Snow Removal Priority System

Due to specialized equipment, logistics, timing, available funding and manpower required to provide efficient and effective snow removal for Town maintained roads, each road is assigned a snow removal priority. These designations are determined by the Public Works Director in an effort to maximize the effectiveness of snow removal operations. The assigned maintenance priority will be shown on the Town of Paonia road map, which will be available from the Town Administrative Offices and on the Town website.

Priority 1 – Main Arterial

These roads are on a primary snow removal route. Indicates that the road will be plowed to maintain continuous all-weather access within the maximum capabilities of the Town.

Priority 2 – Secondary

These roads are on a secondary snow removal route. Indicates that the road will be plowed to provide reasonable all-weather access as time, and manpower permit.

Priority 3 – Local Access

Indicates that the snow will not be removed to provide access during all storm conditions and will be plowed only as time, available funds, and manpower permit.

N – No Snow Removal

Indicates that snow removal is not provided on this road by the Town or that the roadway is plowed by other governmental agencies or by private entities.

The time needed to clear snow from roads are affected by:

  • snowstorm intensity
  • snowstorm duration
  • temperature
  • traffic conditions
  • time of day

Because of the variables listed above, roads may not be plowed or sanded the same time or even the same day throughout the winter season. Normal hours of plow operation are 4:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.

Procedures You Should Be Made Aware Of

  • No sanding is done during a snowfall because additional snow covers the sand and when snow plowing is done the sand is scraped from the roadway.


  • Plowing is started on roads upon any accumulation on the roadway during normal working hours of 4:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.


  • Dead end roads without adequate areas to safely turn equipment around will not be plowed.


  • Vehicles parked within Sub-Divisions, cul-de-sacs, or on roads which restrict the safe and continuous operation of the equipment will not be plowed until those vehicles are removed.


  • According to Postal regulations it is the responsibility of the resident to clear snow in front of mailboxes to allow for mail delivery.


  • Mailboxes installed alongside the travelled roadway are at the risk of the owner. If an operator strikes a mailbox with a plow he is encouraged to report and repair it. Mailboxes damaged from lack of owner maintenance, snow load from plowing or vandalism are not the responsibility of the Town.


  • During plowing operations, the travelled portions are cleared first, plows then return to widen the roadway as the priority system allows.


  • The freeze thaw effects of winter on pavement can rapidly form potholes. Crews are out as soon as possible and as weather permits after storms to repair holes. Temporary materials have to be used during winter operations and may not last.

How You Can Help

  • When snow removal equipment is working, travel a minimum of 200 feet behind to allow for sanding and abrupt movements of the equipment to avoid obstacles such as parked cars.

Use extreme caution when passing snow removal equipment.

Exercise extreme care when driving in inclement weather. Driving on snow packed and icy roads requires your full attention and demands your best driving skills. A few basic guidelines to remember when driving this winter are:

  • During a snow fall, you can help Town crews by not parking in cul-de-sacs and along primary routes.


  • Remember to brake slowly and leave adequate room between you and the vehicle in front of you.


  • Be patient, drive at reduced speeds and allow more travel time to reach your destination.


  • Our Town staff often work long hours under trying conditions. They appreciate courteous and friendly drivers. Please help them to help you.

For additional information

If you wish to report a snow related problem or have any questions, please call the Town office at (970)527-4101.

Before calling with a problem please remember that changing conditions and the priority system may cause a delay in operations for your area.

Paonia Plow Map

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