Town of Paonia

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

2021 Budget Work session Introduction


Regular Town Board Meeting Agenda

6:30 PM

Roll Call

Approval of Agenda


Recognition of Visitors & Guests

  1. Visitors & Guests
  2. Shop Safe Shop Local Salute

Staff Reports

  1. Administrator’s Report
    Previous Visitors & Guests Follow-Up
    Public Works
    Police Report
    Attorney Report


  1. Disbursements

New Business

  1. Public Hearing: Beer & Wine Liquor License Application – Berg Harvest, LLC dba Berg Harvest Mercantile
  2. Resolution 2020-15 Local Disaster Declaration Extension
  3. Resolution 2020-17 Ratifying the Town of Paonia Water Conservation and Management Plan
  4. Resolution 2020-16 Marijuana Ballot Language
  5. Ordinance 2020-TBD Creation of Water Advisory Committee
  6. Public Works Skid-Steer Acquisition

Consent Agenda

  1. Regular Minutes:

July 28, 2020
Special Minutes:
June 30, 2020
August 4, 2020

Pickin in the Park – Liquor License Relocation

Mayor’s Report
Mayor Bachran

Committee Reports

  1. Finance & Personnel
    Governmental Affairs & Public Safety
    Food Trucks Follow-Up
    Public Works-Utilities-Facilities
    Space to Create
    Tree Board




Voluntary Water Restrictions Requested:

9/2/2020 UPDATE: Our tank is full! Keep up the good work so we can avoid mandatory restrictions! Corinne

 Paonia Water update - 8/27/2020: WAY TO GO Paonia water users! Your work to reduce use is having exactly the affect on our system and storage we hoped for. Our storage tank continues to replenish and currently is just under 23 feet. Please stay diligent, water supply to the springs will continue to drop usually through September, where they hold steady until March, when they begin to increase. All of us working together prevents the need for harsher restrictions. On behalf of the Town Administration and staff we can't say well done and thank YOU for making this happen enough.
The Town of Paonia strongly encourages all residents to follow voluntary watering restrictions in the interest of water conservation during the current drought situation. Please reduce water use to domestic use only and refrain from extra uses such as filling pools, landscaping and/or irrigation use.
Why Watering Restrictions?
Water conservation is always an important goal. In the event of drought conditions, the Town will occasionally need to place and enforce mandatory watering restrictions in order to conserve water for the most necessary purposes to support the health, safety and welfare of our community and to ensure that our water supply is not depleted. For this reason, The Town is strongly encouraging all domestic water users voluntarily reduce water use to domestic use only and refrain from landscaping and/or irrigation use.
The Town will continue to monitor water usage and may enact mandatory restrictions at a later date.
Thank you, Corinne

8/17/2020 @ 2:05PM

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