It has been a long few months, in a new decade that just hasn’t made sense; but we here in Paonia have a lot going for us.  We are strong, resilient, and when we come together, regardless of differences in ideology or opinion, we accomplish great things! It is my mission to to keep our community informed, and a partner to all that we are working on. We are available to you in the office, via telephone, e-mail, social media, and this website, and we will endeavor to keep you in the know, and know where to go, to see whats happening out and about in Paonia. – Corinne

A Few Upcoming Summer Projects:

Cleaning and re-opening of Town Parks

Street Cleaning

Weed Mitigation

Sealing new concrete to protect from moisture and harsh temperatures

2020 Sidewalk Repairs

Tree Trimming

Planning for upcoming street repairs
To Include: 100 Block of Clark Avenue
200 Block of Dorris Avenue
East end of 2nd Street
East end of 3rd Street
others as budget allows

Installation of 1,600 Feet of New spring line

Infrastructure Analysis and Asset Inventory

Minnesota Creek bank stabilization and Samuel Wade Bridge sewer line river crossing repair

Do you have ideas? Please share!

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