Town of Paonia

Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Regular Town Board Meeting Agenda

6:30 PM

Roll Call

Approval of Agenda


Recognition of Visitors & Guests

Consent Agenda

  1. Regular Minutes – March 26, 2019
  2. Curiel LLC dba Rio Bravo Liquor License Renewal
  3. WSCC – Annual River Festival

Mayor’s Report

  1. Arbor Day 2019 Proclamation

Staff Reports

Town Administrators Report

  1. Clark Avenue Parking – Notice to Public of Potential Parking Regulation Changes
  2. RFP – Water Engineer for the Study of Adding Raw Water Storage to Lone Cabin Reservoir and/or Roeber Reservoir
  3. RFP – Water Engineer for Study of Water Treatment Capacity and Raw Water Availability
  4. RPF – Mapping of Water and Sewer System in format that can be added to County GIS

Public Works Report

Police Department Report

Town Treasurer Report


Unfinished Business

  1. Tree Board Vacancy – Appointment
  2. Town Administrator Review – Goals and Objectives
  3. Single Use Plastic Bag Ban – DRAFT Ordinance – Discussion
  4. Lifting of Water State of Emergency

New Business

  1. Friends of the Paonia Skatepark
  2. WSCC – Letter of Support – CORE-Act
  3. Annexation of County Road – Stahl Road and County road section of Grand Avenue to the bridge.
  4. Sewer Tap Purchase – 470 Stahl Road
  5. Minor Subdivision – Huntley Subdivision – Recommendation to Board of County Commissioners
  6. Minor Subdivision Approval – Rio Grande
  7. Town Clerk Public Records Policy – Discussion

Committee Reports

Finance & Personnel

Public Works/Utilities/Facilities

Governmental Affairs/Public Safety

Space to Create

Tree Board



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